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 Philippians 4 : 13   I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.

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  as we all know that our world is very sick and dying from Covid-19.

We need a Divine intervention to stop this Pandemic, so I founded the World Prayer Day

to seek Divine intervention with people from all around the world on Zoom Meeting for the healing of our world from Covid-19.  Last September 19, 2020, was our First World Prayer Day,  and last October 19, 2020 was our Second World Prayer Day, we had a great time in the presence of the Lord God, with people from around the world, praying together for the healing of the whole world, see pictures on our Gallery Page. We are determined for the whole world to enter the new year 2021 Covid-19 free. Our next World Prayer Day is November 19, 2020 from 06: AM Eastern Time [ USA and Canada ] to 09: AM  Eastern Time [ USA and Canada ], everyone will fast the whole day the best you can.  Then we will pray again on  December 19, 2020.    Come join us  and invite others too, together we will stop Covid-19 and bring healing in our world.   Register in our Registration Page, and let us pray every day for 19 minutes every 19 hour of the day [7pm ].

For those who want to support us financially, we will appreciate any donations, just visit our Donation Page, those who want to sponsor us for a deep worldwide exposure, please visit our Sponsorship Page, and after Covid-19, we want to build BEST FRIENDS OF JESUS RADIOS AND TV'S in each country in the world, to help us preach the GOSPEL OF JESUS  CHRIST TO EVERY CREATION for the salvation of every SOUL in the whole world. If you want to work or sponsor us with this particular project, please contact us,  thank you to all of you may God bless you more and stay safe.


 Here is our third World Prayer Day. come join us,  the Zoom link invitation is coming soon.

 Here is our World Praise,  Worship and Thanks giving Day to our Lord God for healing our world from Covid-19.   come join us. the Zoom link will be here soon.

Our Prayer Songs.


 This is our World prayer song.


 Here is our Prayer Song for America.

 Losambo pona RD Congo


 Duet Peace & Love